Bed Bug Pest Control: How Technology and Education Has to Be the Mainstream for FM Organisations

Insight by Mark Sibley, Managing Director, Omni IPS

The presence of bed bugs in hotels not only causes discomfort and distress for guests but poses potential health risks, which can have dire consequences for both the hotels and the hospitality industry.

According to the British Pest Control Association, the hospitality industry is facing a growing problem with bed bugs, and a study indicates that the hospitality industry has been particularly vulnerable to bed bugs. If left unchecked, they can have a potential effect on the hotels themselves as well as their patrons. This significant surge highlights the urgency for FM organisations to adopt proactive measures immediately to combat this escalating issue.

The hospitality industry faces a potent adversary, a seemingly small but persistent enemy that has proven difficult to eliminate. However, the Facilities Management (FM) industry, with its wealth of expertise and strategic measures, is well-equipped to provide innovative bed bug pest control solutions. These solutions can help the hospitality sector emerge victorious in this battle, demonstrating the crucial role of FM organisations in this fight.

Recent research by the National Center of Biotechnology Information states the resurgence of bed bugs is due to the increase in global travel, people’s lack of knowledge about preventing and controlling bed bugs and the evolution of bed bugs’ resistance to pesticides.

FM organisations understand that infestations can arise in even the most meticulously maintained establishments, underscoring that high levels of hygiene alone are insufficient to prevent bed bug problems. Therefore, investing in a proactive technological approach and providing in-depth training as the only guaranteed long-term solution to safeguard their clients’ premises effectively is crucial.

To tackle the issue of bed bug infestations effectively, the FM industry can significantly improve its efficiency and effectiveness by adopting an approach that leverages the latest technological advancements. Embracing sophisticated bed bug detection systems, FM professionals can identify the presence of these bed bugs early, enabling them to swiftly address the problem with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Relying on technology ensures that accurate data is collected, leading to more informed decision-making in combating bed bugs.

Early detection is the most effective solution for effectively controlling bed bugs. That is why FM employees must undergo comprehensive training that equips them with the knowledge and skills to recognise the telltale signs of bed bugs. By swiftly identifying early signs of bed bug activity, FM staff can take immediate action to prevent their spread.

Regular training sessions allow FM teams to avoid potential bed bug threats and act swiftly when needed. Investing in comprehensive training, FM organisations equip staff with expertise in identifying early signs and taking swift action, helping to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for hotels while safeguarding their guests and their hard-earned reputation.

In a world where time is of the essence, detecting bed bugs quickly provides a greater chance of eradicating them effectively. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of FM organisations, who must proactively ensure that staff are well-trained in bed bug control measures.

The FM industry must implement a proactive bed bug pest control system that prioritises the hospitality sector’s best interests. This system should offer solutions to mitigate risks that impact hotels effectively. By implementing a comprehensive strategy that combines technology and education, the impact of infestations can be minimised. Conversely, a reactive approach can result in insurmountable problems and dire consequences for the hotel, particularly its guests. Therefore, it is essential to take preventive measures to effectively control and mitigate the effects of bed bug infestations.

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